The most important element

We as humans ought to consider life more important than everything else. Health is our most valuable asset and it is what allows us to move forward one more day. This is mainly what defines our ethical values and our professional behavior.

We do encourage to respect and help whoever is in need to go out and work amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We should think and understand that a virus with no cure requires us to be careful, practice extreme hygiene, and wear an appropriate mask.

Most measures include social distancing. We should understand it is not a cure nor it provides full defense but it does reduce the probability to get infected and the virus charge if we still do. We need to ensure we do our best to take care of one another.

Let us all provide whatever means are necessary for remote work and collaboration. If we lose our health or our life then we lose everything.

--Our collective effort will guide us to success. Let us all take care of one another. Erick J. / IT Express.