Point of sale software

Do I even need a point of sale? The answer is actually quite simple: Yes! All sorts of businesses close a deal with a customer and it is at that moment when software becomes necessary.

Now that we know the answer we should understand what a point of sale is and why we need it.

A point of sale or POS software is a virtual space where the customer completes a purchase. It can be a product or a service that when paid becomes a successful transaction and needs to integrate into customer management and inventory processes.

This is a fundamental piece of software but in many cases it is ignored and substituted with manual procedures and spreadsheets.

There are several reasons for that. Some are afraid to integrate software into daily operations because it could fail or the outcome of such integration could not be the desired so it would end up being a waste of money or even losing customers if the software is not reliable and offers a negative experience.

The selection of the point of sale software should be careful and it should match the business model. A successful integration and implementation depends on evaluating all variables and make preparations for maintenance and easy adoption. The software could be in the cloud as a service for a monthly payment. It could also be in our own local servers as a one time purchase but then installation could be so complex that it might require the support of a dedicated IT team that can also take care of configuration, updates, and corrective maintenance.

The right software implementation has immediate results and advantages. Surely no company or individual that is looking to improve will ignore a point of sale and miss on the benefits because everyone else is on the move and ready to adopt new strategies to attract more customers. If the opportunity is overlooked customers will be slowly lost or drawn to more dynamic offers and it will be very difficult to recover from such a disadvantage.

There several benefits that should encourage a prompt implementation of any point of sale software.

Greater efficiency

There are always better results in less time when the right tools are at hand. If a point of sale offers bar code readers, product catalogs, and online sales then time and opportunity for the introduction of human error is reduced greatly. Things get even better when subscriptions and automatic payments are part of the system.

Ease of use

Current technology has several new interfaces that makes using software easy. We have touchscreens and software looks a lot better and friendlier than it did years ago. If the software implements the right workflow so that anyone can understand it and navigate through it quickly then it is no longer required that the person using it has a lot of experience or is only dedicated to knowing how the software works.

More payment gateways

A point of sale integrates customer management and inventories. It it is only right that it also provides more options to make a payment. Current software is able to process credit cards, any third party like PayPal, or it could even integrate a custom implementation. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic it is a must for any business to be able to receive a payment remotely without issues.

More precision

Software is loaded in advance with detailed information about the products or services that are offered. It includes descriptions and prices. Since we do have a friendly user interface there should be no need to input data manually so all calculations and daily reports are done automatically.


The benefits of a point of sale are countless. It is evident by now that any product can be traced and data exists about how many items are still available to sell, current and past prices, and ongoing discounts. There is no longer a need for extra effort to know more about the items. The information is correct and it is always available. Existing inventory information can be integrated into more modern approaches so that automatic notifications are sent when the remaining items reach a certain limit.

More complete implementations are able to register a customer so a personalized experience can be offered through an account. This allows for targeted discounts and is a means to understand the market trends. A successful implementation shortens the time a customer has to wait which translates into increased user satisfaction.

--A small fragment to show a few of the many ideas that inspire us every day at the office. Erick J. / IT Express