Custom software design

Evolution should be a fundamental concept for business. The ability to adapt to sudden changes and to the demands that market trends usually set. It is of utmost importance that there is always a plan to adopt new physical and digital workflows and that any technological platforms involved in daily operations are flexible enough to allow for those changes without much delay.

Custom software is tied to functional requirements so we should always check that initial requirements do include plans to adapt to future needs. If there is no growth planned ahead as with many fixed desktop applications, then instead of building a helpful tool we will have software that will hurt productivity as it will not allow for any future change in how things are done even if it is an important change for the company. The basic building blocks in software design play a huge role in how scalable software is when it reaches its production phase. Desktop applications limit us by design to be physically there so remote access is left out along with any means of having information available when needed. Even communication between different instances of a desktop applications might be complicated if a distributed environment was not part of the initial design.

During this year we have witnessed the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an example of how the ability to adapt to workflows that depend on remote collaboration, solid online presence, and several payment gateways has been the main factor that allows any business to endure while plans for economic growth are put into practice.

Software code ownership

Depending on the agreement the source code is usually delivered in optical media to the client with the compiled software product. If this is the case then there are no monthly fees for software use. When the client decides it is the most appropriate time to embrace new functionality and is ready to adopt a different workflow then he will have total flexibility and several options for implementation that are of lower cost than the initial investment for the software. The product increases its commercial value in the long run as it will be more complete as time progresses but the cost for additional functionality or changes will be lower.

Software security

When the scope is limited by means of functional requirements the developers are able to better identify risk areas and if they build software from the ground up then they are at a better position to implement the most efficient solutions to mitigate any vulnerability. Such vulnerabilities can be there as a result of the design, the way administrative procedures are executed, or in the application code itself.

Full control of the software development process

Being in control of the full development process means we can select the most appropriate methodology for implementation. We should aim for a development process that makes it possible to accommodate changes in design, additional workloads, or integration of extra functionality. This should be done as a response to how a business needs to expand and adapt to new objectives or needs without a major impact to the product delivery deadline and budget.

System integration

We also aim for a custom software solution to remove additional software that might be currently necessary to perform other tasks. The software design can integrate any if not all of the many processes that a company needs for successful operation.

Technology might look intimidating but planning for a software solution should not be intimidating at all. Now is always the best time to plan, research, evaluate critical factors in your company, and find a dedicated group of professionals that are aligned with your objectives. Technology simply cannot be avoided if you want to have equal and better competitive advantages so having the right software will help you embrace today's changes and you will surely be prepared for any challenge the future might have.

Only after we gather all necessary information we are able to make an educated decision. When are you going to get the benefits custom software can provide for your company?

--A small fragment to show a few of the many ideas that inspire us every day at the office. Erick J. / IT Express